As far as caring for your new dog is concerned you will need to look at not only how to exercise them but their food plan. This includes what particular type of product you need to buy which has all the essential vitamins and minerals.

For the larger pooches or bigger puppies that have an athletic build, it is best to begin with a fish based food. This includes from the likes of Pedigree Chum as well as Purinawho currently offer a number of different products. You will be able to find them in the majority of stores but can get great deals online too. In addition to this you can have the opportunity to search for pet food on the web. Nowadays there are hosts of sites that offer fish related food that is rich in fatty Omega 3.

Both brands are considered to be some of the most popular in the pet market which contains a wide variety of essential oils as well as vitamins. This ensures you will be to feed your pet the right way so they get off to the best start.

Meanwhile your puppy’s health is one of the most important factors when it comes to your new pooch. These types of products are suitable for a large selection of breeds from Boxers as well as Dalmatians, German Shepherds and even Giant Schnauzers. The majority of this puppy food targets those dogs who have already reached the fully grown size of more twenty five kilos in weight. So it is of vital importance that you find the time to exercise your new dog. This can either be done by taking them out yourself or by looking for a dog walking company.

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These have flourished over the past few years where owners are working longer hours and there is not enough time in the day to dedicate to a puppy. Thanks to these specialist companies, they will be able to take your pet on a vigorous walk in order to give them the much needed exercise they require. In this way, you are encouraging exercise not to mention a healthy balanced system. It is simply not just a case of giving them the right food but it is also about ensuring they are agile and making sure they exercise on a regular basis.

Athletic puppies such as Boxers, Dalmatians and German Shepherds may require more fitness as they have a much deeper chest when compared to other dogs. They have a lot more muscle definition but at the same time have reduced body fat levels. This means they need the correct food such as pro plan chicken or pro plan salmonwhich are both full of essential vitamins and minerals. This will help them along the way with maintaining a healthy and balanced immune system and digestive tract.

Made from nothing but the finest quality fish it is a key ingredient in your puppy’s diet which contains levels of DHA which is considered to be an omega-3 fatty acid. Other notable highlights found in pro plan chicken include high levels of calcium and phosphorus which helps maintain strong bones and teeth while omega-3 and 6 ensures your puppy will enjoy a glossy coat and skin.

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